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You may have a small space, but it doesn't mean you can't have it decorated to your taste. Even while decorating a small space, you can flaunt your style just how you want it; you only need to be creative and be thoughtful about your furnishings, color selection, and organization.

If you just moved into a smaller space, you should know that small space decoration can throw you into confusion, you want to fill the room with a lot of things, but on the other hand, you don't want the whole place to be chaotic. Initially, it may seem impossible to achieve your desired decoration, but this post right here will expose you to strategic styling and decoration that can help you have a beautiful home and even have your space to appear larger than it actually is.

Decorating your small space should no longer be a challenge with the following smart ideas;


Bet On Practical Colors
If you've just moved into a small space, you should consider working with a color that can make your room appear larger. Painting your room in the right color can help to create an illusion of a larger space. White is a common color to be used for a small space, but you don't have to stick with white alone. Most of the time, the only color that comes to mind when it comes to painting a small space is color white, but let's think outside white and explore other colors that can bring perfection to your small space.


Outside white, you should consider throwing in some bold colors. They are especially great for small spaces. Bold colors generally create a perception of depth, so the smaller your apartment, the bolder or darker you can go on colors. Purple is a great idea for a small apartment. Purple is a loud and bold color that can make your small apartment appear bigger. You can have it solely around your entryway to prevent the entire room from being overwhelmed. You may also want to consider using decorative wallpapers and adhesive to add wonderful style and color with ease.


Go Vertical
A fantastic way to maintain space in your small apartment is by going vertical (up) rather than horizontal (side or out). We usually forget to maximize the space from the floor to the ceiling, but this will make a perfect storage addition to manage space and prevent clumsiness in your small apartment. Instead of buying wide types of furniture that will consume extra space, you should opt for tall vertical ones instead. You can have your items stacked in a vertical shelf or cabinet without taking extra space on the floor
Going vertical simply means you will be making use of more taller items in every space in your apartment, whether kitchen, living room, bedroom, or closet. If you are bringing in a bookshelf, let it be a long vertical one. Use skinny but tall types of furniture that will take only little floor space. Make your storage space upwards; this way, you will have the chance to move around freely. Also, hang and mount decorative elements to make your space appear higher and larger.


Use Multipurpose Furniture
Choosing furniture that can serve multiple functions will not only save you space; it will also save you a lot of money. Focus on buying fewer items than a lot of items. Get the types of furniture that can serve an extra purpose so you won't have to fill your apartment with types of furniture that are not too necessary. Try to choose a bed with a shelf headboard to maintain space in your bedroom. Let your trunk double as tables and storage or go for a side table that can serve as a desk and dining.
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Create More Space With Light
A small apartment can appear bigger with the right lighting effect. Let the natural light shine into your apartment to make your room bigger. This will make your space airy and open. If your apartment lacks natural light, you should bring in light sources into the rooms. Use ceiling fixtures, table lamps, and scones to bring more light.
Light is very important for small spaces. Make sure you bring enough light into your small apartment. If you are using additional light sources (when there is no access to natural light), ensure that your lighting options are not space consuming. Go for wall scones, string lights, and pendant lighting.

Create Space With A Mirror 
Bringing mirrors into your home decor is a trusted trick to bring light into your small apartment. The mirror is a multi-functional home decor item; it can add light into your space while creating the illusion of a larger space. Mirrors can create a feeling of expansion for small spaces. Use mirrors in abundance in every possible space in your apartment. Use mirrors as your bathroom door and closet door; this will make your bedroom space appear larger than it really is.
Mirrors reflect all forms of lightning,  natural and non-natural lighting, use large mirrors and smaller ones throughout your room for more lighting. Mirrors can make your space brighter by reflecting light across the room.
Large Rugs Can Help
If you will be using a rug in your small space, then you should consider a large size. Small rugs can make a space feel small and crammed but a large rug that your furniture can fit on will open up the room and make your space appear large. Take patterns and lines into consideration. | The textures and shapes exhibited in the photo below are the perfect example of how lines and patterns can help enlarge your space |  Floor decoration is about what you want the eyes to see, so if you want to see a larger space, you should bring in a large rug to fill the room. 

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Layering two small rugs to cover more space is also a great way to add style and dimension to your space while protecting your floors. 

Use Your Bed Underneath For More Storage
Your bed is one of the most multi-functional items that can help you achieve more storage. Aside from your bed shelf headboard serving as storage for items, you can also keep things away underneath your bed. You can keep your empty cloth boxes and other things that you don't use frequently underneath your bed.
Wall Decor Idea For Small Spaces
The wall is another part of an apartment to focus on if you have a small space. You need to do something with the wall to make it contribute a decorative effect to the entire space. You can paint your wall in lighter shades; this can instantly make your space look larger. Then bring in bold colors as a wall accent, artwork, tapestries, wallpaper, stenciling, etc. These are examples of wall decorative accents that can make your space appear larger.
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