How To Decorate A Successful Airbnb

A successful Airbnb is a successfully decorated Airbnb! It’s important to make your space feel comfortable and homey but that is obviously not all!  

Think about it…. why would a tourist stay at a place in their travel journey which is exactly like their home? Along with a comfortable experience, an Airbnb needs to be unique, luxurious with stunning designs, something that is very attractive and begs to me taken a photo of. If you do this right, your guests would themselves show off the space and in turn, unconsciously help with marketing.


If you are someone who is not aware of how interior designing works and you have no prior experience, this article may help you. We will provide you with some tips that will guide you with how you can successfully decorate your Airbnb.


  1. Research About Your Targeted Audience

The interior design of your Airbnb needs to be planned very carefully. You need to be conscious of the likes and dislikes of your targeted audience.

  • Who are the people that are likely to stay in a place where your Airbnb is located?
  • Does your location attract couples, adventure seekers, travelers, professionals?
  • What kind of design do you know they won’t be able to resist?
  • What is something that’ll be a major turnoff for them, something you should avoid at all costs?



  1. The Internet Is Your Best Friend

Go ahead online and look up places that are famous. Read the reviews, find out about what customers like while making sure that the audience is similar to that of your Airbnb. In addition to this, Instagram is also a great platform to gather information about what is attractive to customers. They are very likely to Instagram what they like. Your intention should not be to copy, but to make sure you do not settle for less, that you learn from the mistakes others have made and get inspired by their accomplishments.


  1. Where To Invest

Remember, you do not have to necessarily empty your pocket to make your Airbnb look chic and attractive. You can easily find affordable furniture that makes your place look luxurious, you just need to look and choose carefully. is a great place to find fashionable décor and fantastic prices. As an Airbnb owner you receive special discounts. Use Code: Airbnbme at checkout for 15% Off Your Entire Order


  1. Take Care Of Odors!

Apart from design and beauty, odors matter A LOT! They may be a major turnoff for most people, no matter how pretty or comfortable your place looks, it should also smell great. So get rid of things that have bad odors, make sure you wash or change sheets periodically. Aromatherapy or scented candles help as well.

These were some guidelines that you should definitely keep in mind when you are designing you Airbnb. These simple tips such as keeping your audience’s likes and dislikes in mind, taking care of bad odors, knowing how much and where to invest and researching could lead you towards your door to success. Remember, you should always be aware of what is in-fashion right now, but also your Airbnb should not be so fancy that it is uncomfortable. With that being said, we hope you learned something helpful from this article, and we wish you the best of luck.